The Army ADRP Study Guide

Pass the Board

The Army ADRP Board Study Guide is your ticket to a successful performance at your next Company Board, Soldier of the Month / Quarter Board or the Promotion Board.

Study current Army Doctrine, Regulations, Field Manuals and more all for less than a cup of coffee, a bottle of beer or a bag of chips!

SMA Raymond Chandler has directed all Promotion Boards to use the new Army Doctrine Publications and Army Doctrine Reference Publications for their questions / board proceedings. The Army ADRP Board Study Guide has new questions from those publications, a collection of the Army Creeds, questions from current Army Regulations, current Field Manuals and more.

Presented in a simple ‘Flashcard’ format. No pesky permissions. No stupid advertisements. Easy content updates. Everything you need to study for Army promotion boards, company boards and soldier of the month boards.


Does not require an active data connection unless you are downloading new modules/topics. This means you can download/update everything before you go to the field, convoy across the country or deploy. Allowing you can study when you have time.

Developed by a U.S. Army Soldier for U.S. Army Soldiers.

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